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Allysha + Daniel | Engagement Photography | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

These two beautiful souls ROCK!! There is no other way to describe it….Allysha + Dan you guy’s were wonderful to work with capturing your engagement photos. I loved photographing you both along with watching your personalities compliment each other. I cannot wait to be part of your wedding day in 2019.

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Jeannette + Jordan | Winnipeg Wedding | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Jeannette + Jordan…from meeting you both at Starbucks, to an engagement session in the beautiful Whiteshell provincial park, to todays wedding…you remained truly remarkable. Your devotion to each other is only paralled by your dedication to learning how to love, forgive, and love even more with grace. It was clear you were both being blessed from above, what a wonderful day. Thank you for inviting Michelle and I to document your first day as wife and wife, much appreciated. - Michael

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Thank you to all the vendors that made this day possible.

Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel

High Tea Bakery

Floral Fixx

Madeline's Weddings and Events

Chantal's Bridal

Aldo Formal Wear

CKLY Fashion and Bridal

Limo Service - North Main Trucking

Hair - Holly Hui

Makeup - Sam Brar

BA Creative


Taylor + Mark | Winnipeg Wedding | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Taylor and Mark - It honestly feels like I have known you both for years and yes Mark we are past the handshake and into the hugging stage... You guys are two of the best clients I have ever had!! Thank you so much for trusting us to capture your special day, and allowing us to be creative in doing so.

May the road also rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again my friends, May God hold you in the palm of his hand. - Michael
Only the girls will know, what started this fit of giggles...
These high school sweethearts were a dream to work alongside...
Mark looking dapper, and not so nerdy...
The couple set aside ample time for wedding photos and the beautiful grounds of The Forks made for a gorgeous backdrop!!!
If I know what love is, it is because of you...
Oh my love you found me at the right time, my heart was lost to you at the first sight...
Then we were off to the Manitoba Legislative Building for some more photos...
When I look into your eyes, it's like watching the night sky...
After a great few hours of shooting, it was back to Inn at the Forks for the reception, which was already in full swing...
The First Dance…
I will stay with you as each morning brings sunrise, and the flowers bloom in springtime, On my love you can rely, and I'll stay with you...
We all know Winnipegers love a good party, this wedding was no different...Love, laughs and smooth moves. The dance floor was packed the entire night!!!
Many thanks to the amazing team who brought this wedding to life…
Venue: Inn at the Forks
Florist: Flowers by Melanie & Everything Bridal
Makeup: Touch Of Blush Makeup Artistry
Hair: Cecilia Nguyen
Videography: Shoestar Productions
Dj: Crystal Sound
Photography Assistant: Erwin Cresini

Meghan + Graeme | Engagement Session | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

Meghan + Graeme | Engagement Session | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

What can I say about Meghan and Graeme? Hmmm these guys rock!! So much fun. The location was wonderful and with such good company it would have been impossible not to truly enjoy this session. Meghan and Graeme...Thank you for such an enjoyable day, we enjoyed the swim and dinner with your family immensely. I am excited for your wedding in Mexico and sharing more memorable moments with you both.

Michael Scorr Photography-0369-2.jpg
The best thing about Graeme is his ability to make Meghan laugh at a moment's notice...anything is better than his zoolander pose (Sorry Graeme)
Love is in the air...along with the mosquito's but that didn't stop us!!!
Graeme was getting a little two comfortable holding up the tree, so it was off trekking to find yet another spot in close proximity to capture this next set of images...
As the sun started to disappear, we decided to grab one last shot on the dock of the family cabin with Graeme placing a well timed kiss on the forehead of his beautiful bride to be...Perfect!!!

Darryl + Paige | Mexico Wedding | Winnipeg Destination Wedding Photographer

Darryl + Paige | Mexico Wedding | Winnipeg Destination Wedding Photographer

I met Darryl + Paige a few years ago through Danielle and Ryan, Darryl's sister and brother in law. I was honored to be asked to travel with them and their family and friends as they said their ‘I do’s’ at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. What an unbelievable week of celebration as Darryl + Paige became husband and wife. It definitely was a pleasure to witness their love and capture their unforgettable memories. Darryl + Paige, thank you for the honor of traveling alongside not only you both, but your wonderful family and friends to share in this special occasion.

Darryl + Paige could not have chosen a more beautiful and exotic location to get married than the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, Cancun Mexico.
Paige getting ready with the help of her adoring mother Michelle and bridesmaids Carley, Nicole, Ceilidh and Candice.
Darryl having the final touches done with the help of his best man and brother Mark.
The guy's just couldn't resist.... I barely got the shot because I was laughing so hard.
Darryl's mum Muriel makes the final adjustments before sending him off to await his beautiful bride to be.
Paige's dad, Dean, couldn't have been more proud walking his daughter down the aisle...
Darryl + Paige married on the beach at Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, Cancun on a truly stunning day...
Just after the ceremony, the couple snuck away for a few photos alone...You really can feel the love Darryl + Paige have for each other.
Michael Scorr Photography-4.jpg
''When you say you love me, know I love you more. And when you say you need me, know I need you more....Boy, I adore you.''
And then came the most epic first dance I have ever well done guys!!!
''From the first breath she breathed, When she first smiled at me, I knew the love of a father runs deep.''
''Take your time... Don't live too fast, Troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman and you'll find love.''
..and the party had officially started.
Darryl + Paige. Your day was beyond perfect and I wish nothing but the best to you both on the path that lies ahead. May God be with you and bless you. May you see your children's children. May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward. - Michael